Hotels and their Guests
​Enriching Communities Together

Our Purpose

Locarity facilitates a channel of donations to local non-profit organizations through hotels and micro-donations from their travelers. 

There are numerous non-profit organizations that are smaller and lesser known that have a greater need for financial support than the larger well known organizations.  These smaller organizations contribute directly to the local community and are in hotels’ backyards.  By choosing organizations that are within close proximity to the hotel, the surrounding community benefits directly.  

Revolutionizing tourism’s significance within travel destinations!  

This positive impact is three fold: the hotel guests have a donation value that is tangible, the hotel property's connection to their local community is fortified, and the non-profits benefit from the new stream of revenue.


Local Communities

Hotel national annual revenue exceeds $200 billion in the US and grows between $10-20 billion every year.  From big cities to small towns, there are 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the country.  

Smaller donations can be more beneficial to the community depending on the size of the organization.  While a national organization might see these donations as pocket change, it could mean the world to a local organization.

Our Goals

- Promote a positive impact on local communities from tourism.

- Create bridges between the millions of hotels and billions of guests 

with the local communities.

- Show that helping communities everywhere during travel can be 

easy and beneficial.

Our Future

We look forward to many additional programs and ways to connect with communities.

While we have many thoughts and dreams of how to grow, we are focusing on our main mission at this time.

Be sure to check back with us in the near future for updates!