Supporting Local Communities
​One Hotel Stay at a Time!

Giving back to local communities during your hotel stays

Every community has non-profit organizations that are trying to make the world just a little bit better.  Unfortunately, the majority of small local organizations go unnoticed and may have the biggest impact on the community around them.

Every community also has lodging for travelers that are visiting for a multitude of reasons.  No matter the reason for travel, they are enriching the community by helping the local economy.

Now, what if hotels and their guests are able to enrich a community past economic growth in places that the community may benefit directly.

This is Locarity!

Please join us to help grow tourism into a positive and enriching force for good.

How do I contribute?

Find a Hotel​ Partner

Stay in a hotel that has partnered with Locarity.

Hotel Partners

Give Back to the Community

Agree to give an additional 1% of your room rate to 

nearby local non-profits.

Supported Non-Profits

Enjoy Your Stay

Carry on with your business and/or adventuring plans knowing that you are giving back to the community.

Check Out​

Donation will be added automatically

to your final bill.  It's that easy!

Donation is Forwarded

Locarity forwards your donation directly to the local non-profits for ease and accessibility.

Enrich the Community

The local non-profits will flourish with 

a new and steady donation channel.

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